Garters Lane, Saggart

The 1.184 ha subject greenfield site is located at the prominent junction of Garter Lane and Fortunestown Lane to the north of the village of Saggart and west of the established residential developments of Citywest and is zoned for residential development. The proposal is to create a high-density apartment development for 224 no. 1, 2 and 3- bed apartments designed for a variety of potential residents. The scheme will complement adjacent residential developments, now under construction, to extend the built form and create a legible network of neighbourhoods. The 4 no. proposed blocks vary in scale from 4 – 8 storeys in response to the varied neighbouring conditions to create a strong urban character that will foster a sense of belonging and ownership in those that live there.

Cara Living

Located on a part-brownfield site overlooking the Boyne Valley, north-west of Drogheda town a residential scheme accommodates 98 no. 1, 1.5 and 2-bed apartment units in four no. 3-storey blocks that radiate from a central amenity block to create distinct, landscaped courtyards. The layout has been planned to accommodate universal access for all with studios for short term re-enablement which is a new, emerging typology for the elderly community enabling them to enjoy an independent lifestyle in a considered environment with light-touch medical support.

Bridgegate, Ardee, Co. Louth

This residential scheme is for the development of 272 no. residential units on a greenfield site on zoned serviced land in an established residential area, with an opportunity to complete another phase of the mixed use masterplan of the emerging Bridgegate development. Architecturally, the design team strived to deliver a coherent urban network of streets and public realm spaces that respond to the existing context in terms of height, scale, uses and open space, to create a comfortable extension of the existing residential development at Bridgegate in conjunction with a 2/3 storey housing scheme south of a generous linear Park.

Mill Road, Citywest

The 4.94 ha subject greenfield site is located to the west of City West Hotel & Conference Centre, and to the north west of the village of Saggart, east of Rathcoole, & north of the established residential developments of Saggart & is zoned for residential development. In response to it’s varied context, the site has been developed with a series of different character areas made up of urban blocks of varying scale and typology, ranging from 2 storey terraced housing to 3 storey dual frontage duplex units and 3-8 storey apartment blocks for delivery of 274no. units. These series of clusters have been carefully arranged around a series of local streets and pathways which connect open spaces of varying scale, creating a strong sense of place.

Riverside, Kilcullen

Defined as Phase 3 of an emerging community at Riverside Kilcullen, this residential scheme is comprised of 125 no. residential units which range from 1/2/3/4-bedroom Apartment, Duplex and Housing units. The subject site is located east of Kilcullen town centre and partially constructed Phase 2, all north of the River Liffey. This attractive location harnesses areas of serviced lands for the development of a pin-wheel apartment site close to the town centre to the west, and more traditional 3- & 4-bedroom houses to the east, a centrally located Creche, and development of a linear public park to link all areas of the site.

Dunboyne Road, Maynooth

The undeveloped greenfield site with a site Area of 7.28ha north of Maynooth town, on the Dunboyne Road, is located adjacent to Pebble Hill House Protected Structure & west of the Carton House Estate. The proposed layout has harnessed the amenities of the location to deliver a quality sustainable residential neighbourhood.

In developing the potential of this sensitive site, a sense of place is achieved by retaining strong mature trees, hedgerows and landscape elements as a primary concept driver. The design manipulates the layout, public realm and intensity of development to create compact, strong, distinctive development of mixed residential accommodation for 194no. 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 bedroom units, a Crèche facility, and a direct pedestrian connection to the historic Lime Walk which connects Maynooth town centre to Carton House and Estate to the east.

Skerries Road, Rush

The existing 4.8ha site comprises an undeveloped greenfield site located in the northern coastal village of Rush, North County Dublin. The development maximises the potential of an important infill site on the edge of Rush village for the delivery of 165no. Apartments, Houses and Creche facility.

In examining the immediate context, the irregular nature of the site was manipulated to complete a series of bounding urban blocks abutting the site boundary, for the creation of strong edges and frontages onto new internal and distinctive streetscapes of mixed residential accommodation. An east-west tree lined boulevard through the site affords a new public realm, punctuated by strategically located public open space areas and ancillary streets to provide a network of connections and areas for public amenity.

North Quarter

Dublin City Council sought to retain partners who would create a new ‘North Quarter’ in Ballymun consisting of retail, services, a large student housing element and a series of positive public spaces. The concept includes a robust student accommodation / associated amenity with 364 bedspaces, a retail colonnade, cafes and a supermarket. These create new edges to the Ballymun town centre in thre blocks ranging from 2/5/ 6 storeys with a 10-storey landmark corner building.

The principle design drivers included addressing the prominent Ballymun main Street corner site with an appropriate robust urban response while providing a new urban block with a sensitive architectural approach. Connection to the established Horizon Centre corner building heals the urban edge and makes a positive contribution to the emerging streetscape of Ballymun Village Centre.

Park West Sector 3

The 9.402 ha subject greenfield site includes the operational Aspect Hotel and is located adjacent to the Park West Train Station. The proposed scheme proposes a high-density apartment development for 1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartments with own door duplex units at ground floor and commercial uses lining the new local park, with neighbourhood amenities and shops available at the Plaza to the south.

A robust site strategy harnesses the significant amenities of the location to deliver a quality, sustainable residential neighbourhood, maximising the potential of an important greenfield site in close proximity to Parkwest Train Station. The Masterplan achieves a balanced mix of residential accommodation, active publicly accessible units off Park West Avenue & a network of safe usable external landscaped spaces in association with the future residential/office & school developments and the existing Hotel.

Glenheron C, Greystones

The 9.529 ha subject greenfield site is located approx. 2km south of Greystones village, Co. Wicklow. Through careful consideration of context, and a balanced vision to create a distinctive development. The proposed site layout accommodates a network of distinct character neighbourhoods including residential mixed unit types that address a series of public open spaces to deliver a high-density residential scheme of 49u/ha, with traditional on-curtilage type housing, Duplex units, and 6 storey Apartment blocks used to define urban edges. The development also includes 2,817sqm of development on the Employment Lands in the form of a Community Enterprise building and office building.

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