Cúil Dúin

Cúil Dúin, a residential development of 224 units, is scheduled for completion in early in 2019. The concept was generated around two  amenity park spaces from which home zone streets were created. Owing to the constrained budgets we preserved a simple material palette and instead celebrated the scale of spaces. This large residential housing development has been designed to achieve a diverse range of one, two and three-bed homes which are designed to exceed current building regulation standards, and each will achieve an ‘A3’-rated Building Energy Rating.

The design response was tailored towards the first-time buyer. The final design comprises a series of simply configured “semi-d’s” and terraced blocks and an AHB apartment block efficiently set about a series of pocket parks resulting in emerging space for new street communities. The simple use of primary materials provides each house with an elegant appearance despite its entry-level housing typology.

  • Citywest, Dublin
  • Cúil Dúin
    • Residential
  • Harcourt Developments
  • Q1 2019
  • €25.6 Million
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