Dublin Port Centre

Creating a new and dynamic addition to Dublin’s public realm

For centuries Dublin Port has been cut off from the adjoining communities by way of enormous robust walls and Gates. The Port recognises that if the company is to prosper it needs to engage with the many local communities and visitors. Consequently Dublin Port Company set up an architectural competition in 2014 inviting selected architects to submit a concept plan for the proposed ‘Opening the Port Centre to the Public’, Darmody Architecture led the multi-disciplinary design team and winning competition to redesign the existing Dublin Port Company Precinct.

The scheme involves the use of innovative architectural elements to complement the existing architectural 1980’s building with the aim of opening up and reintegrating the site with the city – providing a new public realm. Large scale Corten sculptural sculptures with perforated series of patterns redefine boundaries and signal the Port presence. A 1960’s heritage Crane has been refurbished acting as a new landmark at the Port entrance creating an innovative civic lantern.

  • Dublin
  • Dublin Port Centre
    • Masterplanning & Public Realm
  • Dublin Port Company Ltd.
  • 2017
  • €5 Million
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