Glenheron C, Greystones

The 9.529 ha subject greenfield site is located approx. 2km south of Greystones village, Co. Wicklow. Through careful consideration of context, and a balanced vision to create a distinctive development. The proposed site layout accommodates a network of distinct character neighbourhoods including residential mixed unit types that address a series of public open spaces to deliver a high-density residential scheme of 49u/ha, with traditional on-curtilage type housing, Duplex units, and 6 storey Apartment blocks used to define urban edges. The development also includes 2,817sqm of development on the Employment Lands in the form of a Community Enterprise building and office building.

  • Greystones, Co Wicklow
  • Glenheron C, Greystones
    • Residential
    • Masterplanning & Public Realm
  • Cairn Homes
  • Planning granted 2020
  • Confidential
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