Howth Castle Redevelopment

The proposed interventions into the built fabric and landscape of Howth Castle seek to enhance it as a destination location providing leisure, food and cultural experience, whilst ensuring the setting and character of the protected structures and landscape features are maintained.

Interventions to the original fabric of the buildings seek to restore and safeguard the existing structures while a series of new proposals in the built landscape will complement and enhance the historical setting. A proposed new pavilion within the existing stable yard will ensure its continued use throughout the year and provide an injection of interest into the under-utilized space.

An exciting series of new landscape interventions seek to restore the original layouts of the castle grounds which have become overgrown and illegible over time. A proposed new greenway running through the site, was well as improved connections and facilities for pedestrians, cyclists and car users alike, will also greatly improve the visitor experience to the castle.

This project was carried in association with conservation consultants during all project stages

  • Howth, Co. Dublin
  • Howth Castle Redevelopment
    • Conservation
    • Workplace & Hospitality
  • Tetrarch Capital & Michael JF Wright Hospitality
  • 2021 - ongoing
  • €2.8 million
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