Lidl Ballybough Development

A proposed retail store at upper level, and retail units at ground creates active street edges to create a permeable and legible Urban block in a prominent city centre site. The design of commercial entrances and animated facade treatment results in positive urban corners for an active retail facade, which was previously void of activity in North Dublin city.

Adopting a strategy to ensure that the new building sits comfortably within the eclectic scale of the surroundings, particularly having regard to the domestic scale of the most direct neighbours. The form, massing and urban design of the proposed scheme has been sensitively and carefully considered to ensure the proposal will constitute a lasting contribution to the character and quality of the existing street-scape.

  • Lidl, Ballybough
  • Lidl Ballybough Development
    • Retail
  • Lidl GmbH
  • Ongoing
  • Confidential
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