Re-imagining banking and the work environment

Savvi ‘s flagship branch (previously known as St. Patrick’s Credit Union) is banking reimagined. This open facility has been conceptually developed to contain many of the credit unions services within one unit. Darmody Architecture proposed a renewed environment that is centred on connecting the Credit Union with existing and emerging communities for a new way of banking and working. Bespoke furnishings and the co-ordination of extensive M&E requirements within an existing building forms a vibrant open plan office with opportunities to conduct business at the kitchen table or private acoustic booths.

In an effort to avoid ambiguity and ensure a positive experience for all, the sequence of spaces within the unit starts at the main entrance where a meet and greet desk (off axis) greets the public. Through the application of select finishes this area expresses the ethos and new identity of the Credit Union – Banking without banks.

  • Dublin
  • Savvi
    • Commercial & Offices
  • Savvi
  • October 2017
  • €1.2 Million
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